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Telnet Network News - We'll keep you up to date with what's happening in the industry.

Inspecting SSL Traffic

A delicate balancing act is taking place on networks globally. It is the balance between applying strong protective measures to keep data safe and unintentionally concealing new IT security vulnerabilities. And it all centers on SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Just as SSL encryption protects certain details of a transaction, it can also conce...
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Ixia Special Edition Network Visibility For Dummies

 Advanced cyber threats, cloud computing, and exploding traffic volume pose significant challenges if you are responsible for your organization's network security and performance management. The concept of 'network visibility' is frequently introduced as the key to improvement. But what exactly is network visibility and how does it help an org...
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Ixia Has Your Secret Weapon Against SSL Threats

It has finally happened: thanks to advances in encryption, legacy security and monitoring tools are now useless when it comes to SSL. Read this white paper from Ixia , to learn how this negatively impacts visibility into network applications, such as e-mail, e-commerce, online banking, and data storage. Or even worse, how advanced malware...
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PacketPushers Podcast: Cloud-native monitoring and security

PacketPushers Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks bring their irreverent approach to networking to this podcast. This podcast covers how to access packet data in the cloud for security and monitoring. Just as north-south network traffic has given way to east-west network traffic, the traditional data center is yielding to the cloud. While this shift ha...
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Private Cloud: The ABCs of Network Visibility

Cloud computing has become the de facto foundation for digital business. As more and more enterprises move critical workloads to private and public clouds, they will face new challenges ensuring security, reliability, and performance of these workloads. If you are responsible for IT security, data center operations, or application performance, make...
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Ixia's new hyperscale visibility with cost effective pricing

Vision Edge 100 & Vision Edge 40 ​E xpanding your hyperscale data center? Adding microscale data centers to provide a better experience for end users? Be sure to see everything, in every cluster—whether it is a part of your core infrastructure or a remote site—with the latest in Ixia's Vision Portfolio of network packet brokers (NPBs). Ixia has...
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