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Spectracom Product Software Notification

Telnet Networks is pleased to notify you of the availability of a new version of software for Spectracom's SecureSync and NetClock 9400 series synchronization systems. 

Download the V5.7.1 release below featuring:

  • The Talen-X BroadShield feature requiring license SS-OPT-BSH. This optional functionality offers spoofing and jamming protection and can be added to existing units with ublox M8T receivers. 
  • Added a SecureSync/Netclock 94XX Manifest file and a Manifest Log.
  • Update process improved to reduce disk space utilized.
  • Security updates and bug fixes. Any system running 5.0.2 or later can be updated directly to the new version. You can determine the software you are running from the front panel: System >> Version; or web UI, Tools >> Versions or Tools >> System depending on which interface you are running), and apply the updates according to the instructions.

 Thanks to Spectracom for this article

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

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