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3 Things PacketViper can do that your Firewall Can’t

Three elements of PacketViper that are unique to our Virtual Minefield Zone™ (VMZ) and separate PacketViper from firewalls & NGFWs are the triggers, interceptors and the redirectors. With 'point & click' simplicity these features can be utilized to create the following deterrents that reduce traffic up to 70% and make firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEMs more effective: 

Decoy ports PacketViper VMZ uses the interceptor tool to create decoy ports to trip up scanners, attackers and probers by responding to the requested port scan or probe and providing false information back to the attacker, pretending that they are a valid service. The decoy ports do not actually provide a valid service for scanners to infiltrate. The source information is then collected to gain new intelligence insights and enhance the blocking rules. Firewalls and NGFWs cannot support this approach.

Redirection Unwanted access attempts from both known and unknown threats are redirected to phony services to capture, filter and analyze source traffic. Redirection rules can be granular down to the level of company, country, network, port, protocol, time and rate. Firewalls and NGFWs cannot do this comprehensive redirecting at all of these levels. 

Triggers PacketViper VMZ triggers regulate traffic and create automated actions based on source company, country, network, port, protocol, time and rate. VMZ triggers create unscannable, and unprobeable areas at the network perimeter of the network. Firewalls and NGFWs cannot do this. 

For a more in-depth look at PacketViper please request a brief 45-minute demonstration here

 Thanks to Packet Viper for this article

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Friday, 25 May 2018

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